We are a UK registered charity helping survivors of torture and sexual violence.

What We Do:

When fresh arrivals to the UK come to us they are often suicidal, shivering without warm clothes, and unable to access services because they don’t speak English.

We offer english classes, group counselling, therapeutic art, a hot meal - and a chance to make friends.

The aim is to help victims turn the corner into survivors who can imagine a future. Intervening at an early stage prevents decades of despair, self harm and dependency.

Child creating artwork of a bird.

Success stories

Some of our group are now studying at university after winning scholarships. But there was a time when they were in immigration detention and hanging on to life by a thread.

Child creating artwork of a flower and text.

“Thank you so much for guiding me and helping me throughout this journey. I hope I made you proud. I cannot describe in words how much hope you have given me.”

Child creating artwork of a tree.

of Torture